European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) aim to speed up innovations that help solve societal challenges, enhance Europe’s competitiveness, and contribute to job creation and economic growth. EIPs help to pool expertise and resources by bringing together public and private actors at EU, national and regional level, combining supply and demand measures.

8 priority areas have been chosen for the EIP on Water. They centre around challenges and opportunities in the water sector, and on innovation driven actions that will deliver the highest impact. 5 thematic priorities have been selected:

  • Water reuse and recycling;
  • Water and wastewater treatment, including the recovery of resources;
  • Water-energy nexus;
  • Flood and drought risk management;
  • Ecosystem services.

In addition, there are a number of selected cross-cutting priorities:

  • Water governance;
  • Decision support systems and monitoring;
  • Financing for innovation.

Smart technology has been defined as an enabling factor for all priorities.