Name of the organisation: Association Syndicales Autorisées (ASA)
Country: France
Stakeholders in board: Cities, regions, union for marshlands, chamber of agriculture, landowners
Tasks: Water quantity, flood defence, maintenance
Financing: Local taxes

Depending on the region, the ASAs are responsible for managing excess water, river management, gravity irrigation, drinking water and erosion control in vineyard areas.

The regulations governing these water authorities are laid down in the Order of 1 July 2004 and the Decree of 3 May 2006, which have replaced the 1865 law and its application decree. Water authorities have to act according to the environmental code for water management, updated in late 2006.

Of the 7,000 ASAs around the country, 4,000 are water boards. The others are responsible for other activities, such as road and infrastructure in forests and open countryside.

More than 1.200 ASAs, known as ‘wateringues’ have to manage excess water. 200 ASAs are responsible for riverbank maintenance. 50 ASAs construct and maintain erosion and flood control works in vineyard areas. More than 2.000 ASAs manage irrigation, half of them with gravitation canals, the other half with pumping stations and a network of pipes and tubes. 140 ASAs operate a drinking water network.

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